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This 1965 Ford Mustang was a joy to work on. The following is the process of repair done to the vehicle. When the vehicle came in it had no power steering, and the owner requested that we install a new power ram and steering components, along with a front end rebuild and full inspection.

For the tear down, first the front spindles and front brakes were pulled down. Then the front shocks and towers were removed along with the coil springs. The upper and lower control arms were removed. The sway bar links, bushings and bar were removed. The steering linkage, from the power ram to the outer tie rod ends was removed. The power steering pump and belts were removed as well. The lower engine cross member and the front driveline were removed.

We had the driveline rebuilt. The tube was damaged and it was rebuilt with a new tube and lifetime u joints. This was done because it could not be balanced out with the damaged tube.

Next some fabrication work was done. We needed a transmission cooler line bracket, and a spacer sleeve for the new power steering pump. These were fabricated in house to ensure quality of the parts. In order to ensure a clean fit for all of the parts, the power steering pump mount holes in the cylinder head were chased, the spring isolator pockets were cleaned, and the power valve threads were cleaned up for the new hoses.

In process to pack the front wheel bearings for reassembly, the wheel bearings were inspected and found to have one that had been damaged. All four of the front wheel bearings were replaced, packed and reassembled.

Installation began and the rebuilt driveline was installed. The new springs were installed in tandem with the front shocks, the towers were spaced and nickel washers were installed to prevent rusting. New upper and lower control arms were installed along with new sway bar links and bushings. The power steering pump and belt were installed on the vehicle, and the new power ram was installed with new lines.

The fabricated parts were installed to provide proper fitment and clearance for the vehicle. The new engine cross member was installed because the older one was dented. The cross member was shimmed so as to provide clearance between it and the oil pan.

The front hub bearings were set; the wheel lug nuts were hand torqued to the specifications. All four tires were inflated to the factor specifications. The alignment was set on the vehicle.

We want to give a huge shout out to the owner of this vehicle for trusting us with the process. We really hope that you love driving this car, and will enjoy it this summer and for many continued years.

From our family here at Frontline Automotive,

Thank you!

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