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Recently we were asked to perform some custom work as a surprise gift for a customer’s girlfriend. After discussing the project with our customer, we agreed to the “all in” with him, especially considering our desire to “Strive for Excellence” and deliver a final, finished project with exceptional service.
The project involved taking in the vehicle and installing a complete new suspension system on a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado SS. Taylor wanted to lower the truck 3” in the front and 4” in the rear. We installed the suspension system, new wheels and tires, performed an alignment and then had the vehicle detailed by Absolute Auto Detailing before calling the owner and letting her know her vehicle was completed and ready for her to pick up.
She had absolutely no idea that anything had been done other than to fix a “faulty fuel pump” which is what she had been told was the issue with her truck.
The results were amazing! She was completely surprised, shocked and excited beyond measure!
Frontline Automotive family would like to thank Taylor for having the trust in us for this project. We are humbled and really grateful for this opportunity and for having another chance to show our customers, friends and family the pride and craftsmanship we put into every job.
We know that Elizabeth loved the end result. We were thrilled and honored to deliver Taylor’s surprise to her. Enjoy your “new” ride Elizabeth!

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