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FrontLine Automotive's Guide To Battery Maintenance

FrontLine Automotive's Guide To Battery Maintenance Jun 19th, 2020 Eventually your car battery will fail, and you will need to replace it.  In fact, 70% don’t even make it four years.  There is something you can do to make yours last a little longer. It’s all about the flow of electrical power.  When you start your vehicle, the battery uses power to get your engine cranking.  As your engine runs, your alternator generates electricity to run all your electrical systems: like lights, a half dozen computers, anti-lock brake system, traction control, power windows, electronic fuel injectors, stability control, air conditioning, transmission servos – the list goes on.  Any leftover electricity goes to recharge your battery.  Then you turn on your radio and seat heaters; maybe plug in your cell phone and computer; the kids watch a DVD and soon there isn’t much extra electricity to go back into the battery.  Now, if you were o ... read more

Our New Name!

Our New Name!

Our Up Dated Story A New Name! – FrontLine Automotive The Front End Shop has been a Fairbanks, staple since 1984. We are family owned and operated and are known for our honesty, integrity and expertise in under car, suspension, brakes, steering and alignment service for light and medium duty cars and trucks. We plan to continue providing those services to you, our valued clients for many more years to come! However, over the past few years, we have been adding additional maintenance and repair services to our menu and many customers don’t know that they can bring their vehicles to us for oil services, cooling system service, tune-ups, and many other needed repairs on their vehicles. We often hear “I didn’t know you did that”, and “we only thought you worked on fronts ends and brakes”. So, we are changing our name to FrontLine Automotive to better serve our current and new customers! We have the same great staff with our ASE certified techni ... read more

Differential Service

Simple Answers from FrontLine Automotive for Fairbanks: Differential Service June 2, 2020 Question:What is a differential and why do Fairbanks drivers need to have it serviced?FrontLine Automotive Answer: First – your vehicle does have a differential. If it's a rear wheel drive, your differential is on the back. If it's front wheel drive, your differential is built into your transaxle (transmission). Fairbanks drivers with all-wheel drive or four wheel drive will have differentials front and rear and maybe one in between. When you are steering through a turn at an intersection in Fairbanks, the wheels on the outside of the vehicle have to spin faster than the inside wheels because they have to travel a slightly longer distant through the curve. The differential compensates for these speed differences between the wheels. Because it is part of the equipment that transfers engine power to the wheels ... read more

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