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Not So Dim Idea (Automatic High Beam Dimmers)

Not So Dim Idea (Automatic High Beam Dimmers)

Not So Dim Idea (Automatic High Beam Dimmers) Dec 28th, 2020 The moment someone invented headlights that had a high-beam and a low-beam, they also invented a problem.  That problem was what happens when you meet someone on the road going the other way who forgets to switch off their high-beams? We've all had it happen, of course.  All you can do is look to the right edge of the road and try to avoid looking directly into the offender's headlights. We want to have high-beams available for the simple reason that they can improve safety when they're used correctly.  They allow drivers more reaction time since they can see farther down the road.  So, what about a way to automatically have your vehicle switch off your high beams when another vehicle is approaching? Bingo! The automatic high beam dimmer! Engineers started working on this way back in the 1950s.  One automaker came up with an odd-looking device that mounted on the dash ... read more

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