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Disc Brake Maintenance

Disc Brake Maintenance At Frontline Automotive In Fairbanks May 13th, 2022 Your vehicle weighs several thousand pounds and it takes a lot of force to bring it and your passengers to a safe stop – so everything needs to be in good working order. The wheel hub keeps your wheel attached the vehicle.  The brake disc – or rotor – is attached to the hub and spins with the wheel as you drive.  Your brake pads clamp onto the rotor to slow the wheel. The brake caliper straddles the rotor and squeezes the rotor to slow it down.  The calipers contain brake pads which rub on the rotor when you step on the brakes. The brake piston causes the calipers to squeeze and release as you use your brakes. Your brake pads start to wear the first time you step on the brakes.  Eventually the pads are worn out and need to be replaced.  If you don’t replace the pads when they’re worn out, the metal parts of the brake will grind against the rotor and ca ... read more

Disc Brakes

  Apr 3rd, 2022 Your brakes are extremely important.  Having good brakes just keeps you out of trouble.  You’ll want to carefully maintain your brakes.  With disc brakes, brake pads rub on a disc – or rotor – to slow the wheels.  The pads are attached to a caliper that squeezes the pads against the rotor.  It’s kind of like how squeezing the handbrake on a bicycle pushes the brake pads against the wheel of the bike. Now pads just wear away with use – kind of like a pencil eraser wears out.  The good news is that replacing brake pads is a straight-forward repair. If you hear squealing or grinding when you use the brakes, have your service advisor check them out.  He’ll have a technician perform a thorough brake inspection to see what needs to be done.  He’ll check for signs of brake problems and go over other brake components to see that they’re working properly. He can tell you if it&rsquo ... read more

Why Fairbanks Car Owners Hesitate to Get their Vehicle Serviced

Why Fairbanks Car Owners Hesitate to Get their Vehicle Serviced

A recent report stated that over 80% of the vehicles on the road have one or more service item or repair that's needed but hasn't been taken care of. Now that's a lot of undone service. That translates into something over 160 million vehicles in the US alone. Some of the neglected items are minor. Others are serious safety concerns. There are several reasons Fairbanks drivers hesitate to take care of recommended services – especially services that our friendly and knowledgeable FrontLine Automotive service advisor recommends when we're in for something else, like an oil change. The first issue boils down to comfort with car care in Fairbanks. Fairbanks drivers don't always feel we know enough to make good decisions. Fairbanks drivers who don't know as much about cars hesitate to ask questions because they don't want to look ignorant. It's human nature. But there ... read more

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